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Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen – HERO!

Solidarity for abandoned cannabis patients.

Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen Employee of the nova Institute, Chairman of the Cannabis Association as Medicine (ACM)
Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen, photo: Archive


The well-known physician and chairman of the Cannabis Association as a medicine (ACM) Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen has made a moving decision. Although certain positive aspects could be felt in parts through the enacted cannabis-as-medicine law, there would be enough problems in the entire treatment area, which now led to a drastic measure. During the ACM Annual General Meeting in Frankfurt on May 12, 2017, the medical doctor, who has been advocating medical medicine for many years, declares his decision not to eat any food for the next one to two weeks as a result of solidarity with the many cannabis patients left alone.
Doctor Franjo Grotenhermen joins the hunger strike.


Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen at the ACM Annual General Meeting 2017 explains hunger strike.


The drug policy speakers of the parties were informed before Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen of the warnings – an honorary man.

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https://cenedella.de/ * Philip J. Cenedella IV * International Cannabis Consultant * Germany, Europe, USA and Canada markets * Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate since 1977 * Assist with Business Development, Licensing, Partnerships, and Strategic Direction.

Philip J. Cenedella IV


Philip J. Cenedella IV
International Cannabis Consultant
Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate since 1977.

First and foremost, Phil is a patient advocate for 4 decades having grown up in New York during the Rockefeller Drug Law years, then establishing himself in San Diego during the push for legalization there in the’ 90s.  Now he is situated in Germany during its historic transition into the leadership role of the European Cannabis industry.

Phil is uniquely qualified to help you establish your international business strategy having served as a Founding Board Member of the World Trade Center San Diego, a Lead Consultant for Deutsche Telekom, The California Trade and Investment Office, Deutsche Bank, IBM, San Diego Economic Development Board and many other entities.  He puts his years of business development, sales and distribution expertise to work for you in a highly professional, ethical and effective manner.

40 Years Experience:
Phil was born in Buffalo on the shores of the US/Canadian border, spent most of his life in San Diego overlooking the US/Mexico border, and now is living in Europe with its open borders and the opening of its legal Cannabis industry.

As a C-level business development executive in the technology and construction sectors, and a Founding Board of Director for the World Trade Center San Diego and San Diego Software Council, Phil has facilitated and closed sales and strategic partnerships worldwide.

Phil has also been Lead Consultant for the California Trade and Investment Office in Germany and catalyst for the CAL-IT Investment Forum in London.

He has served as a consultant for IBM, George Clinton, Deutsche Telekom, iSeeTV,  San Diego Convention Center, FINDLAW, Chaparral Computers and Networks, San Diego Economic Development Corporation, Deutsche Bank and many others in the Cannabis space (to remain confidential).

Phil is a USA citizen with an EU Work/Residence Permit.  He has exactly 40 years of firsthand knowledge of all aspects of our Industry and is a C-level International business development specialist who is highly professional yet very easy to work with.  He provides your firm with Strategic guidance and the ability to help you to increase your sales channels, distribution networks, and strategic partnerships.

1984, University of Dayton B.A. Psychology, Music minor-emphasis

Skill Level:
Sales 98%
Business Development 98%
International  trade 98%
Cannabis Industry 420%


 Who is Phil:
“Phil is an absolute professional. Flexible, hardworking and driven. His results were great and we highly recommend his services.” – BLF, NYC

“Phil has boundless enthusiasm and always applies 100% effort to all he does. Phil researched the US market for…. The USA became our best market by far, and I know that we would never have broken into that extremely tough market without Phil. His combination of broad based business knowledge, willingness to learn, team spirit and superb networking skills is very rare and extremely valuable. Always positive, he was a joy to work with. I thoroughly recommend him.” – GRB, UK

“Phil Cenedella has been my contact for several years and I have found him to be the consummate professional. He will always promptly return a call or provide me an answer to an inquiry. He is always “on-it” and truly treats a client as if they were part of his extended family. It’s very rare these days to find someone as dedicated to his business and his clients as Phil. Phil has all the characteristics of what I look for when I have occasion to be expanding my staff. He is honest to a fault, dedicated, sincere and is the paramount reason for my firm’s continuing…….” – DF ,USA

“Phil is the most personable, genuine, charismatic and effective business development manager I have had the pleasure to work with. He instills trust and confidence!”- JFL, EU

“Phil is family.” – George Clinton
Volunteer Positions:    Founder, Dayton and La Jolla Human Trafficking Accords, Founder, St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Caroling and Limo Party, Volunteer, Americans for Safe Access, Advisor, City of Hope – Dubai  Key accomplishments:  Assisted with the freeing from prison a child victim of human trafficking serving life without parole, initiated Goldman Sachs’ divestment of a human-trafficking related publication, assisted advocates on the frontlines in Dubai, Ohio, California and elsewhere.

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Germany Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Application to Grow – German partner wanted – for Medizinische Ausrüstungen, Arzneimittel und Körperpflegeprodukte 2017/S 070-131987

If you a German organization interested in partnering with one of the world’s leading producers of pharmaceutical grade cannabis, please send a confidential email to phil@cenedella.de  for immediate consideration as a strategic and financial partner in the German BfArM application titled:

Medizinische Ausrüstungen, Arzneimittel und Körperpflegeprodukte

2017/S 070-131987


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BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS – putting an end to the world war on Cannabis.


12 April 2017

Berlin, Germany


On the closing day of the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin, advocates from throughout the world ratified the BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS that call for an immediate end to the world war on cannabis.

On July 7, 2017 these Accords will be presented to President Donald Trump of the United States and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany at their summit meeting in Hamburg, Germany. In advance of that date, advocates worldwide will be showing their support by simply “liking” it on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Berlin-PEACE-Accords-1899471536976478/

Citizens of the world who are in support of the BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS are urged to print these Accords off, sign them, place them at your home or office, and share them with others.

In addition, advocates will be re-posting these Accords on their respective facebook pages (and other social media) to have their members, customers, colleagues “like” the Accords as well.

If you are interested in becoming a “link on the chain” to peace or have any questions, please feel free to contact phil@cenedella.de for additional information or to support our efforts in anyway.

President Trump and Chancellor Merkel are interested to know if people in the year 2017 really feel this way.

Now is the time for you to show you do.


The Advocates of the


We the people of the Year 2017 do…

Hereby declare that it is our inalienable basic human right to have the freedom to grow, medicate and enjoy the plant we call Cannabis, without any governmental limitations.

We demand our plant has no more regulations or limitations than a tomato plant.
It is our basic human right to have control of what we choose to put into our body.

It is our basic human right to have the ability to enjoy this plant without fear of incarceration or limitations on its commerce.

It is our basic human right to have multiple ways to enjoy, grow and medicate with our plant and we demand that no commercial organization be provided exclusive use or rights.
For 10,000 years humans on our planet have enjoyed the benefits provided by our plant. With my signature below I do hereby attest it is my wish that “we the people” have the right to consume our plant as we wish.


Thank you, Gracias und Dankeschoene,

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BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS – “putting a just end to the world war on Cannabis!”

Philip J. Cenedella IV
27 March 2017
Berlin, Germany

BERLIN  PEACE  ACCORDS  “putting a just end to the world war on Cannabis!”

(The Berlin Peace Accords to be signed at the ICBC-Berlin Conference on April 12, 2017)

On April 10-12, 2017 hundreds of international leaders in the Cannabis Industry will be assembling in Berlin for what many are calling the most significant and historic cannabis conference in Europe ever –  The International Cannabis Business Conference www.internationalcbc.com

The BERLIN  PEACE  ACCORDS  “putting a just end to the world war on Cannabis!” will be officially introduced to the media and all attendees at a press conference to be held on April 12th.  In advance of President Trump and Chancellor Merkel’s meeting in Hamburg, Germany this July, cannabis advocates have constructed a document calling on those national leaders, and all governments worldwide, to immediately coordinate their efforts and put an end to the campaign of intolerance and incarceration.  Quantum 9,  Cenedella.de and many others will be signing the BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS and presenting it directly to Senator Rohrabacher of the U.S. Congress for action.  We invite Industry professionals to contact us to be involved even if you are unable to attend in person.

So what is happening in Germany today and how will it impact you and your company?

Good questions, with multiple answers, but it really comes down to the fact that Germany has now implemented a comprehensive medical marijuana distribution program with the March 9th registration of the “Cannabis as Medicine” Act <Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I 2017 Nr. 11>   This is a historic moment in our movement for the regulation, legalization, social acceptance of our plant and we commend the advocates on the frontlines of this decades-long fight, most notably Mr. George Wurth of the Hemp Association and a Speaker at ICBC Berlin.  The ICBC Berlin event could not be happening in a better location nor be any more timely.  We salute Alex Rogers and his incredibly professional team for having the foresight to make this event happen and we welcome everyone in the industry to join us in Berlin from April 10-12th!

With over twice the population of California in half the space, Germany is key to the formation of a legal, reliable and professional Cannabis industry within the entire European Union.  The Bundesinstitut fur Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (BfArM) in Bonn is a government organization and your central point of contact for all things Cannabis.  Currently the German government imports all medicine for patients exclusively from Canada and the Netherlands, with the stated goal of developing a robust, and pharmaceutical-grade grow industry within its own borders by 2019.

Pharmacies in Germany are managed by the State Office of Health and Social Affairs and are going to be the only distribution point for pre-approved medical marijuana products.  The Pharmacy situation here is really quite different than in America with medically-trained staff at thousands of locations only now learning of how to implement this new law and serve their patients effectively.   There are numerous opportunities for companies, consultants and organizations to help fill the void with a recent estimate calculating the need for over 500,000 lbs. of pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana needed per year.

The medical and therapeutic uses of cannabis are extremely important but the calls for recreational implementation is also at the top of the agenda for many.  During the past few years a few German cities have started the process of establishing a German recreational marketplace and although Berlin has been stymied in its efforts to date, the upcoming national elections may have a positive impact on those efforts.  The City of Dusseldorf has a pilot project to sell recreational cannabis to adults slated to start this summer and other German cities are working on similar measures at the behest of their citizens.   Germany is indeed central to the success of a legal, professional and workable European cannabis marketplace.  Countries that will also have a significant impact on the future of the EU industry include:  Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Albania, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel and the USA.

We invite you to ICBC Berlin on April 10-12th at the Maritim ProArte Hotel Berlin.  Stop by our tabletop and note that for all attendees we will providing free phone calls to the USA, free wifi, and free electric plug-in for all those that forget their European adapters J   Any comments or questions on this post are welcomed by contacting me directly at  phil@cenedella.de , +1.888.206.3264 or via skype at  philip.j.cenedella.


Thank you, Dank je, Gracias, and Danke schoene,

  • Phil

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CBD Oil – concentrated form of cannabidiol.

CBD Oil – What is it?

CBD Oil – What is it?

CBD Oil can be defined as a product with the concentrated form of cannabidiol. In the dietary world, it is popularly known as a supplement and a good source of nutrients. The product comes in various forms, including liquid oil, thick paste, sublingual sprays/drops, topical salves, candy/gum and vapor for e-cigarettes. There are a huge range of CBD oil benefits.

The oil is derived from Cannabidiol which is an active compound in cannabis. The compound is a major phytocannabinoid, forming 40% of the plant’s extract. CBD is quite different from another major compound of the same plant known as THC. It is non-psychoactive and offers a myriad of medical benefits. It is legal and safe for both young & adult persons.

CBD Oil has numerous therapeutic properties

According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, the oil can heal or ease a number of health conditions. It can fight inflammation, remove free radicals as an anti-oxidant and reduce nausea & prevent vomiting as an antiemetic product. It can also help with depression and psychotic conditions.

CDB Oil is a natural pain killer
Several studies show that the oil activates areas of brain that control synaptic transmission in painful parts of the body. It acts as a neuromodulator for many physiological processes, including pain sensation. According to rheumatologists, the oil can be used to reduce pain caused by arthritis. Its strong analgesic properties can make it a good option for many pain killers that cause adverse side effects.

CBD Oil is a natural neuroprotective agent
Many researches show that the oil acts a neuroprotective agent that can effectively prevent neurodegradation and reduce oxidative stress. It can also prevent a number of oxidation-associated diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gastric ulcer & Crohn’s disease. In addition, it can help with CNS disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Other researches confirm that the oil inhibits the production of glutamate and attenuates its toxicity. This means that it can protect brain cells and reduce the risk of ischemic.

CBD Oil is a great skin product
First, it inhibits the production of sebum and therefore can be used to keep acne in check. Second, it controls the formation of sebocytes which are types of sebaceous cells that secrete sebum. Third, it has antiproliferative effects which means that it can be used to control the spread of skin cancer and other types of malignant.

CBD Oil dosing
The dosage varies with the brand, cannabidiol concentration and disease to be treated. Some brands recommend too much serving while others recommend small doses. When it comes to concentration, oils with a high amount of the compound are available in small doses and vice versa. Concerning the disease to be treated, the dosage can be as small as 2.5 mg for up to 25 days for chronic pain or as high as 1,280 mg for up to 5 months for schizophrenia.

How to use CBD Oil
There are a number of ways that the oil is administered, with orally being the most common way. Other methods include taking it through the skin and via inhalers and vaporizers.

Side effects of CBD Oil
This cannabis product does not cause any major side effects. Some people may get minor digestive problems when using it while others may experience a dry sensation in the mouth. Other side effects include: susceptibility to bacterial infections and mild blood clotting problems.


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Cannabidiol is an ingredient of the hemp plant.

According to section 1 subsection 1 BtMG (Narcotics Act) narcotics are defined as all substances and preparations which are listed in Annexes I to III of the BtMG. Substances that are not listed in the Annexes are, as a result, not subject to the provisions of the BtMG.

Cannabidiol is not explicitly listed in the Narcotics Act (BtMG).

In contrast to the provisions of the AMG (Medicinal Products Act) on the prescription requirement, there is no catch-all definition which automatically includes new agents in the BtMG.

Thus, it is a fact that cannabidiol is not considered a narcotic so far. As a result, the provisions of the BtMG are not applicable.