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GERMAN PATIENT ROUNDTABLE announces Educational event scheduled for Oct. 19th in Berlin.

The cannabis patient Consultation  – information Evening (Part 1)

“Where can I find reliable information about” Medical cannabis “? My previous medications have hardly any effect and sometimes strong side effects. What can I do as a patient? ”

Cannabis as a medicine is gaining more and more acceptance in our society. Nevertheless, obtaining this prescriptive medicine is still associated with some bureaucratic and reputational hurdles. Stigma and social prejudice make doctors shy away and potential patients remain helpless. The German Patient Roundtable brings together the various stakeholders, provides active assistance and promotes dialogue between patients, doctors, research and industry.

The aim of the German Patient Roundtable is to bring together, network and inform patient interests in order to optimally care for them. Through active action, the above-mentioned hurdles should be eliminated and more patients should be informed about the possibility of treatment with cannabinoids.

The event on October 19th highlights cannabis as a medicine and provides helpful information, especially for (potential) patients. The symposium looks at four perspectives:

1. Advocacy: People who are committed to patients.

2. Science: People who are researching and actively working on cannabinoids.

3. Medicine: people who actively treat with cannabinoids in medical practice.

4. Patients: People who want to be treated or are treated with “Medical Cannabis”.

This event is the first in a presumably four-part series of events. The second appointment is planned for January 18th 2019.

*: The event is an information evening. There is no medical consultation (by doctors)


MORE INFO AT:    Oct. 19th event

Germany Model Cannabis Model Projects coming to a town near you soon – HanfJournal

Der Vorsitzende des Gesundheitsausschusses wirbt jetzt für Cannabismodellprojekte

Even though the CDU / CSU parliamentary group can hardly be described as an advanced party in debates on the subject of cannabis and because of the statements made by its drug commissioners for the second time in office, not all the politicians of the Union have stood on the wrong track. Obviously, some people in the conservative camp, despite the prevailing mood in their ranks, independently deal with the ongoing upheavals in global drug policy and do not shy away from the presentable results. After the health politician Erwin Rüddel Uruguay visited, finally changed his opinion on the approach in this country. The chairman of the Health Committee is now promoting cannabis model projects.


” I came there with hesitation and very thoughtful, ” said Rüddel the Stuttgart news in retrospect on his trip to Uruguay,which gave him the impetus for the now required care attempt in cannabis model projects. Since the legalization of cannabis in the South American country would have virtually dried up the black market, but where it still existed to concentrate on particularly strong varieties of intoxicating hemp plants, one would now have to make model tests in their own and the local circumstances Gather data that would finally bring progress to the deadlocked debate. According to Rüddel, pharmacies should be allowed to give cannabis to persons over the age of 18 who have previously registered as participants in the scientific model experiment in order to obtain usable results.To clarify the extent to which a more liberal drug policy could have an impact on society . With facts gained in this way one would finally have some instruments to objectify the entire and often emotionally led discussion something, is the CDU health politician Erwin Rüddel sure. However, the Chairman of the Federal Health Committee Rüddel currently receives even less from his own party comrades than from other political camps, where the change of heart is immediately strongly supported and hopes for rapid progress.


In times when synthetic cannabinoids can cost a human life , safe alternatives to prohibition should be seriously considered.

ONLINE CANNABIS COMPANY PRESENTATIONS LIVE: September 12, 2018 First Presentation begins at 10:00am ET Please join us Wednesday, September 12th for live presentations from CEOs and top executives from the cannabis companies listed below. Attendees will be able to ask the speaker questions in real-time and visit the virtual “exhibit hall” to view or download investor kits, annual reports, and interact with other investors.



The companies below will be presenting at our next event. Click the “Add to Calendar” button for any presentations you’d like to attend in order to setup a reminder.

10:00am ET
LiveWell Canada Inc.
David Rendimonti, President
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10:30am ET
Medicine Man Technologies Inc. 
Brett Roper, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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11:00am ET
KushCo Holdings, Inc.
Jim McCormick, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
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11:30am ET
Presenting Company Logo
iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc.
Hadley Ford, Chief Executive Officer

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12:00pm ET
Presenting Company Logo
Aurora Cannabis Inc.
Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer

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12:30pm ET
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Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd.
William Simpson, Chief Executive Officer

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1:00pm ET
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Terra Tech Corp.
Derek Peterson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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1:30pm ET
Presenting Company Logo
CordovaCann Corp.
Taz Turner, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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2:00pm ET
Presenting Company Logo
Khiron Life Sciences Corp.
Chris Naprawa, President

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2:30pm ET
Presenting Company Logo
The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.
Danny Brody, Vice President – Investor Relations
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3:00pm ET
Presenting Company Logo
MPX Bioceutical Corp.
Beth Stavola, Chief Operating Officer

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