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Grossrazzia ends legal sale of cannabis – Police stormed “Hanfbar” in Braunschweig during the opening ceremony and captured 200 units of Hanftee


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Around one million worried citizens in the greater Braunschweig area can breathe easy and let their children play on the street again. On Saturday, several dozen policemen in the anti-cannabis war were allowed to swing the repressive club in order to give the organized hemp crime a proper low blow to the benefit of the German people.

The generalstabsmäßig planned general attack took place at 6.30 pm in the city center of Brunswick, densely filled by passers-by. A large contingent of police locked the fighting area around the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz far and wide. In order to avoid unnecessary collateral damage in the combat operation in the anti-cannabis war, as a precaution, the public transport has been set. In the then lightning attack on the shop “Hemp Bar” the armed to the teeth people’s policemen could smoke out the resistance nest of Nutzhanfrebellen, without having to make use of the firearm.


police spokesman confirmed that alleged narcotics were seized and handed over to the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) for analysis. Overall, it should be more than 200 so-called sales units with hemp flowers (tea). The Großrazzia had been ordered at the request of the prosecutor by a judge of the district court Braunschweig, after it had previously indicated that in the same day opened shop illicit drugs were traded.


The anti-drug combat mission of the police successfully carried out on Saturday is the second major battle against the operators of the “Hanfbar” in Braunschweig within a few weeks. On 3 July, the first “Hanfbar” branch in Mühlenpfordtstraße, opened in 2017, was stormed by the executive and robbed of its inventory. The apartments and the store, which is still under construction, were also turned upside down in Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse 47. According to the prosecutor, the search warrant was based on the suspicion that cannabis was being sold for “consumption of intoxication” in the “cannabis bar”. In the first raid three kilograms of hemp tea were confiscated. However, the LKA has not yet been able to present the test result desired by the Braunschweig prosecutor concerning the toxicity of the useful hemp flowers.


The owner of the “cannabis bar”, Bardia Hatefi, against whom is now being investigated on suspicion of violation of the Narcotics Act, criticized the Grossrazzia as a “farce”. The “hemp bar” would only offer food from Nutzhanf. The range includes hemp tea, hemp seeds, hemp pesto and hemp cosmetics, as well as smoothies and snacks. The THC content of the hemp flowers used would be less than 0.2 percent, is on the homepage of the “cannabis”insured. Hatefi denies having done anything illegal, since “Nutzhanf” may legally be grown and used in Germany. He accuses the public prosecutor’s office of wanting to “dry us up and fumigate us”. The seized during the raids amounts of tea would have a sales value of 50,000 euros. In addition, missing a stolen by the police from the box office five-digit sum. “You’re starting to have a sense of existential fear,” said Hatefi, who sees the actionism of the Braunschweig law enforcement agencies as “a challenge to fight” directed “against the healing plant and against all those” whom it helps “.


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