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Sadhu van Hemp

2017 was once again a good year – for the prohibitionists. It has not yet taken stock, but the statistics of the law enforcement agencies will hardly differ from those of the previous years – and if so, then not for the better. Alone with the victims of the anti-hemp war on German soil, the Berlin Olympic Stadium would fill two to three times to the last standing room. This trend will continue in 2018, as there is no sign of political will in the world that wants to satisfy the wishes of the majority of the population for the decriminalization of hemp friends.


Thus, the new year will begin as the old one ended: Thousands of police and customs officers will go around the clock every day on the trail of the illegalized green plant and ensure that the flood of criminal charges because of the violation of the hemp ban does not abate. Millions of cannibals will be patrolled and humiliated in public by police officers next year. Plenty of urine, sweat and blood will flow to prove to the caught hemp friends that they have committed a crime. As usual, much-needed taxpayers’ money for the hunt for cannabis detractors and their condemnation is wasted elsewhere. Boundless will be the suffering that is brought over those affected. From the driver’s license withdrawal,


But despite all the tribulations, which is in the wake of the hemp prohibition: The bottom of the misery may have passed. In 2017, as in previous years, there was a glimmer of light on the horizon, which is steadily brighter and makes the damage caused by the anti-cannabis war visible. The dawn has long since begun. Reason awakens in the minds of people who no longer want to be led astray by warmongers like the Federal Drug Commissioner. The fresh breeze of cannabis legalization blowing from the US leaves us breathless and encourages us to break away from the shackles of prohibition in Europe too. The screaming necks of the anti-hemp faction are inexorably being sidelined, and the louder they are crunching against decriminalizing consumers,


The renaissance of the sacred plant is unstoppable. A glimpse across the pond would actually have to satisfy the incorrigible prohibitionists of Christian and Social Democracy to see that their restrictive cannabis policies are obsolete and no one has the slightest chance of winning the anti-hemp war. The re-legalization of the hemp could not stop even a US President Donald Trump. Instead of enforcing the federal law and invading soldiers in those states that have released cannabis in an illegal arbitrariness, the big mouth of the diehard ducks away and silent. Fainting, the most powerful man in the world watches as people who are outlawed and hemp gardeners become respected people and good taxpayers, who instead of sitting in jail peacefully at home with mothers on the sofa. The White House, the Congress, the federal courts, all of them, have their hands on their hands in 2017, to balance whether it’s even worthwhile, states like Colorado and California to be the ultimate battleground for the war on drugs to declare and pacify with force of arms.


The paradigm shift in the US will also rub off on Germany. 2017 was already a historic year, after allowing the care of chronically ill people with cannabis without exemption. The course has been set for a state cannabis agency that coordinates and controls the cultivation and distribution of medicinal hemp. This is the path to the future – and in 2018 there will be more voices calling for the same pragmatism for the decriminalization of indulgence.


But not the need of cannabis users will be the focus of political thinking and action, but the profane desire to earn money with the “green gold”. In 2018, local businesspeople will be full of envy across the Atlantic, where the ruble rolls and cannibals become millionaires in the course of cannabis legalization. The self-contained cannabis market in the US and Canada is akin to an El Dorado for those working in the medicinal herb industry and flourishing an entire industry in just a few years. And that almost unrivaled, as long as the rest of the world looks on idly and holds on to prohibition.


The discontent about the monopoly position of the North Americans will grow. Out of “shit money”? Then it also craves the Germans – with or without cannabis agency. Sooner or later, politics will have no choice but to admit the trade around hemp and to distribute licenses for making money. The only question is to what extent the new branch of business grows out of itself or is just grafted on. Long-established hemp gardeners and retailers will hardly get a business license for production and trade from the competent office for a few fifty euros. The criminalized hemp scene will go blank. Those who draft the Cannabis Control Act are politicians bound to the raison d’etat – and they do not tolerate any economic paradox. That the little ones get the cake and the big ones the crumbs,


To ensure that everything is in order, the thought leaders will shape the reform of the narcotics law so that the supply of the population with pleasure hemp is reserved for the health industry. Under the supervision of the BfArM, the multibillion-dollar branch of business will grow out of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists – and this without any significant resistance from cannabis users, who will be shouting over the industrial product with all their luck.

The state-controlled hemp cultivation and trade, however, will only lead to new injustices. Not every pothead is willing to pay an absurdly high price, which is subject to the dictates of profit maximization. Not everyone wants to settle for standardized artificial grass and forgo the variety of hemp flourishing in nature. The Cannabis Control Act will not prevent the import of hashish from the Orient. The profession of hashish smuggler and dealer will die out as much as that of the guerrilla warrior. Especially because not all hemp friends are registered as drug users and want to be monitored by the state.


Whatever the case, the path to decriminalization that is being taken in Germany is a wood path. The brains who will come up with the Cannabis Control Law are woodheads who are running into a dead end in search of consensus and who, with every lazy compromise, move further away from the goal of full legalization. 2018 could be the year that finally breaks the dream of cannabis free trade. Anyone who paves the way for a cannabis control law has no intention of giving man and nature the forbidden plant without any ifs or buts.


Sadhu van Hemp


Over the last 4 decades I have been involved in the fight for patient rights in America, and now here in Germany. During my career I have served as a Board of Director for the World Trade Center San Diego and as a Lead Consultant for Deutsche Telekom's Executive Board, Co-Founded the San Diego Software Council and the Dayton Human Trafficking Accords and was Director of LawInfo's Lead Council Program. Previously I was a C-Level Business Development Executive in the technology sector, but also involved with the cannabis industry since 1977. More recently I have been fulltime in the legal medical marijuana industry here in Europe, helping international companies navigate the biggest potential market in the world. This website is light on details due to confidentiality issues with clients but be rest assured I am knowledgeable, professional and with street cred in the industry that can immediately assist your growth in some way. Consulting Services: Sales and Business Development Assist with Strategic Direction Professionally represent your firm Special Projects management Licensing and compliance Sales and Distribution networks Qualify potential partners I am your resource on the ground in Europe, contact me directly to schedule an initial discussion on the German Cannabis-as-Medicine market. Thank you, Philip J. Cenedella IV Call +1.888.206.3264 USA + GERMANY Skype: philip.j.cenedella eMail: LinkedIN:

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