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On August 12, 2017 Berlin, the largest demonstration for the legalization of cannabis…

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I Have a Dream

by Sadhu van Hemp

Sadhu van Hemp

On August 12, 2017 Berlin, the largest demonstration for the legalization of cannabis as a raw material, medicine and Commerce in Germany takes place. More than 10,000 people are under the motto “Breiter we come on!” Through the capital of the German walk and let the Republic that the hemp prohibition is a crime against humanity.

Would he still be alive, he would certainly be an invitation to Hanfparade to Berlin followed and would keep on Washington Square in front of the main station a speech – as it was in 1963 at the “March on Washington”, over 250,000 mostly black Americans marched for work and freedom. We’re talking about Martin Luther King, that civil rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize, had its use and potency significant role in ensuring that racial segregation abolished by law and the unrestricted right to vote was introduced for the black population of the US South.

King was a man of action. He not only preached civil disobedience, but also practiced it – just as thousands of hemp friends from all over Germany, on the Hanfparade rattling show August 12 in Berlin face. Martin Luther King was not afraid of being arrested by the police and beaten, because he knew that the time had come and would be at the end of the struggle of triumph. And so that historical moment when King occurred after the release from prison August 28, 1963 in front of the Lincoln Memorial held those moving speech, which began with the words: I have a dream.

And this dream had a Martin Luther King today if he had not fallen in 1968 assassinated, and would still be alive. Especially if he were a German, who likes to enjoy cannabis and therefore criminalized, discriminated against and stigmatized. Then he would take his 88 years the microphone and probably speak these words to us:

“I have a dream that a close day here gather tens of millions of hemp friends in this place and run the prohibitionists in mind that the hemp lie has long been debunked and the persecuted and downtrodden will shortly have to stand up against the injustice of cannabis prohibition. Those in power will tremble for fear of the Critical Mass of hemp friends.

I have a dream that more and more people in this country know the truth that hemp is not a drug, but a balm for body and soul – and to speak for sick and healthy people. The Germans will make their peace with the Holy plant that decelerates the people in a rapidly moving world and relaxed.

I have that soon grows a dream in all gardens and window boxes of hemp as chives and parsley and no law in the world that bans. Each person will be in his own way with the herb blessed, grow it and use – without regulations and restrictions.

I have a dream that one day even noble hashish and marijuana varieties from all over the world are imported legally and each hemp friend has the freedom to decide if he enjoys drawn under artificial light bang grass or hand-kneaded hashish from the foot of the Himalayas. With the total legalization, the knowledge is growing that the cannabis culture is rooted in the future not only in the high-tech greenhouses of the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the open air and in Mother Earth.

I used to be a dream that the prohibitionists, held accountable for their crimes that they have committed against millions of innocent people to justice and severely punished. The liberation of the Linnets will force the state to the fact that even those poor souls who are pardoned rehabilitated and compensated, the wrongly convicted and freedom were robbed.

I have a dream today! The hemp will be free! “



Philip J. Cenedella IV - The 2-continent Cannabis Consultant. First and foremost, I am a Patient Advocate since 1977. I have also served as a Board of Director for the World Trade Center San Diego, as a Lead Consultant for Deutsche Telekom's Executive Board, Founded the Dayton Human Trafficking Accords and have been a C-Level Business Development Executive for over 3 decades. From California, now residing in Germany and providing professional business development services to firms from North America, Europe and worldwide. I support the work of United States Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (pictured below at ICBC Berlin) and the BERLIN PEACE ACCORDS which call for an end to the world war on Cannabis. Consulting Services: Sales and Business Development - all facets, C-level, ethical and professional Assist with Strategic Direction - but focused on its implementation Professionally represent your firm - at conventions, sales meetings, and events Research - licensing, compliance, distribution networks and qualify potential partners I am your resource, on the ground in Europe! Philip J. Cenedella IV Call +1.888.206.3264 USA / + GERMANY Skype: philip.j.cenedella / eMail:

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