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ABDA update Berlin, Germany – 500 medical marijuana prescriptions made as of March 10

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Berlin, June 13, 2017

given cannabis flowers in March about 500 times of pharmacies

Since March 10 pharmacies may deliver medically necessary drug formulation with cannabis flowers. In March, doctors prescribed to 488 prescription forms 564 cannabis-containing preparations or cannabis flowers in recipes. “The evaluation of the first three weeks shows that the cannabis law is in effect everyday care,” says Dr. Andreas Kiefer, Chairman of the German drug testing institute eV (DAPI) and President of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists.

Before the entry into force of the law about 1,000 patients had an exemption for the purchase of cannabis flowers through pharmacies. “We pull for privacy no conclusion on the number of patients who received cannabis in pharmacies. The different estimates of how many Germans might need cannabis, are pure speculation. By this we do not participate, “says Kiefer. But “One thing is certain: Cannabis is not a cure-all ‘. A medical application is only after appropriate regulation by the medical sense, and that includes the determination of the dosage. ”

The DAPI upgraded billing data from public pharmacies at the expense of the statutory health insurance. Regulations on private prescription is not recorded. Throughout the month of March 2017 approximately 3,100 finished drugs were given with natural or synthetic cannabinoids in addition to the recipe medicinal cannabis flowers.


Medical cannabis from pharmacies: What should patients know


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