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Press release of the German Hemp Association of 19.01.2017

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19 Jan 2017
Today, the Bundestag passed the long-discussed law on the medical use of cannabis. Despite the criticism in detail, the German hemp association sees this as a milestone in the history of German cannabis research and a great advance for patients and doctors.

“The combination of a relatively simple prescription option, a relatively wide range of illnesses and the payment by the health insurance companies makes Germany now one of the world’s leading countries in the field of cannabis as a medicine,” says DHW spokesman Georg Wurth.

Above all, however, the association considers the prevention of self-cultivation by patients to be critical. In many countries, especially in Canada and many states of the USA, self-farming is permitted and there are no reports of negative experiences with this scheme.

“Self-cultivation would not only give the patient access to the entire range of hemp, but would also relieve the health insurance companies,” Georg Wurth is convinced.

The association is also critical about the definition of a “serious disease”. Only in such cases are the health insurance companies reimbursed cannabis medicine. But what is a serious illness? The Federal Institute for Drugs has been for manydifferent diseases granted exemptions for the purchase of cannabis and the use of recognized order, including ADHD, tinnitus, headaches and insomnia. Whether the funds in these cases now take over the costs remains unclear and must be clarified in case of doubt in court.

“We will continue to push for improvements in these details, but we will continue to focus on the development of the cannabis cannabis as a medical device, and we will now focus more on the legalization of cannabis as a consumer and the decriminalization of consumers “Says Georg Wurth.


Philip J. Cenedella IV Over the last 4 decades I have been involved in the fight for patient rights in America, and now here in Germany. I have served as a Board of Director for the World Trade Center San Diego, as a Lead Consultant for Deutsche Telekom's Executive Board, Founded the Dayton Human Trafficking Accords and have been a C-Level Business Development Executive in the technology sector. Since 2016 I have been fulltime in the legal medical marijuana industry, helping companies navigate the biggest potential market in the world. This website is light on details due to confidentiality issues, but be rest assured I am knowledgeable and can assist your growth in some way. Consulting Services: Sales and Business Development Assist with Strategic Direction Professionally represent your firm Licensing and compliance Sales and Distribution networks Qualify potential partners I am your resource, on the ground in Europe! Philip J. Cenedella IV Call +1.888.206.3264 USA + GERMANY Skype: philip.j.cenedella eMail: LinkedIN:

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