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19 January 2017 – a historic day in Germany!

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Today the agreed German Bundestag unanimously for a supply of critically ill patients with cannabis drugs at the expense of the statutory health insurance.

The law allows physicians to prescribe cannabis flowers as other drugs. Patients receive in certain cases a cost reimbursement for cannabis drugs by the health insurance companies. The law creates the basis for a licensed cultivation of cannabis as medicine in Germany.

The application of the left group, to ensure access to cannabis comprising as medicine has been rejected.

You will find more on the topic soon at http://www.hanfjournal.de

Author: Cenedella.de

Philip J. Cenedella IV - The 2-continent Cannabis Consultant First and foremost, I am a Patient Advocate since 1977. I have also served as a Board of Director for the World Trade Center San Diego, as a Lead Consultant for Deutsche Telekom's Executive Board, Founded the Dayton Human Trafficking Accords and have been a C-Level Business Development Executive for over 3 decades. From California, now residing in Germany and providing professional business development services to firms from the USA and Europe. Call +1.888.206.3264 Skype: philip.j.cenedella eMail: phil@cenedella.de

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