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Isodiol Launches New Division – Isodiol Medical at A4M World Congress of Anti-Aging in Las Vegas, NV December 9-11, 2016

CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2016 / Isodiol, the Southern California-based cannabinoid innovator, is proud to announce its new division: Isodiol Medical. The Isodiol Medical product line was created out of the passion for expanding education about and improving access to the finest pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid infused products for pain management and neurological disorders.

Plant derived cannabinoids communicate with every organ and system in the body via the endocannabinoid system to help restore and maintain homeostasis, both physically and mentally. The cannabinoids used in all Isodiol products are derived from hemp, not marijuana. There are more than 100 known active cannabinoids that account as much as 40 percent of the extract that can be taken from industrial hemp.

While both hemp and marijuana are classified as cannabis; the two plants are distinctly different. Marijuana contains the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychotropic component that results a person getting “high”. Isodiol Medical products are THC Free and the CBD is derived from the hemp plant meeting all legal mandates. Therefore, Isodiol Medical’s products cannot and will not produce a psychotropic effect.

Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

Isodiol Medical products begin with European certified organic hemp that is cultivated to the highest standards and there has been no sacrifice to the ongoing commitment to sustainable agriculture. Isodiol Medical sources its hemp from non-GMO crops grown without pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides; laboratory tests and resulting certificates of analysis (COA) are generated for each imported shipment. In addition, all Isodiol CBD is processed under ISO 9001 certification. This certification holds the Company, its processes, and its products to the highest of standards of quality.

The Science Backing Isodiol Medical

Dr. David Tonkin

As a board certified physician specializing in pain management and anesthesia, Dr. David Tonkin has years of experience with effective pain management solutions. After completing a fellowship in Interventional Pain Management, Dr. Tonkin has gone on to become an award-winning author, research scientist, renowned pain therapy expert and teaches physicians throughout the country in pain management techniques and procedures. By fostering key relationships worldwide, Dr. Tonkin and his medical science team have worked with Isodiol Medical to bring together experienced chemists, professors, and technicians who have performed 15 years of in­depth study of hemp plants and cannabinoid-infused hemp oil. These studies have resulted in unique cultivars that Isodiol Medical uses in its products and their cutting-edge delivery systems. This expertise combined with Dr. Tonkin’s extensive experience in pain management and treatment has culminated in the creation of the RapidCBD line of products.

Dr. Ronald Aung-Din

A board-certified neurologist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Ronald Aung-Din is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and a proud recipient of the Patients’ Choice Award. Specializing in epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, migraine and tension headaches and other disorders and diseases, he has seen a plethora of conditions for which the benefits of cannabinoids have been shown effective. Dr. Aung-Din is also active in treating varied neurological and psychiatric conditions using delivery of CNS-active drugs with Direct Effects topical delivery, a technology developed by him for which 7 patents have to date been granted in the United States, Europe, and Australia; with others pending. Dr. Aung-Din developed IsoDerm™ to help bring relief to an array of maladies. This patented formula is placed on the back of the neck and effectively works to alleviate pain and reduce or even stop seizures.

Isodiol Medical Products:

The products in the Isodiol Medical line are designed to provide natural forms of benefits and overall balance through a variety of delivery systems. From topical to oral formulations, each product is created with the most scientifically advanced, bio-available forms of cannabinoids on the market. Isodiol’s proprietary CBD99 Crystalline incorporated in each Isodiol Medical product is 99+% pure.

With typical cannabinoid-infused products, 90% or more is wasted because cannabinoid particles measure about 2,000 nanometers. Human cells can only absorb particles of 60-80 nanometers. Nano-Amplified cannabinoid-infused products from Isodiol are 100% bioavailable because nano-emulsification reduces the molecules down to 16 nanometers, as evidenced in recent lab results. With nano-amplified cannabinoids, the body can immediately optimize use all of the molecules.

Topical Solutions:

Topical Isodiol Medical formulas are powerful due to the nano-amplified cannabinoids in Cebidiol™ that are microencapsulated into layers. The tiny ingredients are suspended and released at intervals, providing consistent relief that lasts. Encapsulation makes permeation through the skin more effective. These easily absorbable formulations eliminate any possible irritation and optimize each application. Delivery is more effective due to the powerful concentration and duration on the dermis and epidermis. And the encapsulated material won’t metabolically degrade because it is protected by the liposomal encapsulation.

RapidCBD™ Pain Cream – Delivering an instant and continual cooling, soothing, pain relief experience, RapidCBD™ combines micro-encapsulated, time-released Cebidiol™ with stimulating menthol and 8 homeopathic ingredients, along with lavender and rosemary essential oils to relieve aches and pains. This gel cream is ideal for use after strenuous activity and has been proven to be effective and work fast as an FDA approved OTC topical pain relief solution.

RapidCBD™ Patch – The convenient and discrete RapidCBD™ Pain Patch combines the power of Cebidiol™ with lidocaine and menthol, for the best in both traditional pain relief and the latest in cannabidiol science. The addition of Lidocaine gives the RapidCBD™ Patch soothing anesthetic properties for up to 12 hours a day, when and where your body needs it. It calms nerves, stopping pain impulses to the brain. Menthol adds analgesic qualities, cooling and warming the skin and penetrating deeply to help relieve pain in muscles and tendons. The RapidCBD™ Patch delivers convenient pain relief for muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, and joint pain.

IsoDerm™ – Placed on the back of the neck, IsoDerm™ delivers the cannabinoids directly to the central nervous system with Direct Effect Technology™.

Oral Solutions:

Isodiol Medical’s oral products combine the benefits of cannabinoids with unique herbal blends. The power of these formulations stems from a perfect balance between the potency of the herbs and the ratios of these extracts. This wisdom has been cultivated and passed down within a line of master herbologists resulting in a formula that works synergistically with the body to restore natural balance.

RapidCBD™ Oral Sprays – Available in three different formulations for discomfort, stress, and cognitive aging, RapidCBD™ Oral Sprays are powered by nanotechnology.

RapidCBD™ Tabs – RapidCBD™ Tabs dissolve immediately when placed under the tongue, delivering 25mg of powerful CBD99 Crystalline per quick dissolving tablet. Membranes in the bottom of the mouth are extremely permeable. Our Rapid TabMelt™ proprietary delivery method takes bioavailability to a new level by circumventing the liver path and avoiding pre-systemic elimination in the GI tract.

RapidCBD™ XtendCBD™ Capsules – Designed for delivery of extended pain relief, XtendCBD™ Capsules provide long lasting effects. These capsules are designed to dissolve in the intestinal track, bypassing the stomach acids delivering more enduring results. Each RapidCBD™ Xtend Cap iscombined with 25mg of Isodiol’s CBD99 Crystalline formula and a proprietary blend of East Asian adaptogenic herbs for a fully balanced formula. The Proprietary Herbal Complex consists ofglucosamine HCI and chondrointin for discomfort, turmeric root powder for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, and a host of other herbs.

Isodiol is unveiling the Isodiol Medical products at booth # 8027 during the A4M’s 24th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine December 9th – 11th held at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, NV. For information on the conference, visit

About Isodiol:

Isodiol and its team of collaborators are a group of companies that together, grow & harvest hemp on an industrial scale, and then process it to extract the non-psychoactive cannabinoids to the highest available purity for worldwide distribution. By utilizing one of the world’s largest hemp farms, Isodiol and its partners are the choice for industrial volumes of high-grade, non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic companies worldwide have gained market share due to our products. For more information, visit To follow Isodiol online, visit the Company’s website at, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Isodiol does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US.CSA). Cannabinoids are a natural element of industrial hemp. Isodiol’s products are not intended to cure, mitigate or diagnose disease states.


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