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La Jolla Human Trafficking Accords


La Jolla Human Trafficking Accords

WHEREAS… modern day slavery exists today in the form of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in greater numbers than at any time in our history.

* WE THE PEOPLE… and the National Association of Human Trafficking Victim Advocates hereby declare:

* All peoples, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, nationality, or social group, have the right to live freely without fear of exploitation.

* Due to the increased demand for minor victims of labor and sexual exploitation, all children are entitled to society’s increased protection.

* Due to the fact that human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in our world today, this issue needs urgent attention and full collaboration among all service providers, law enforcement agencies, media outlets, community leaders, governmental agencies, and citizens.

* Legislation to enhance, and close loopholes, in the current laws against human trafficking need to reflect the severity of this heinous crime.

* Victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation should be given enhanced professional rehabilitation and healing for the traumatic consequences of their enslavement.* Increased funding focused on programs that work should be the priority of all government organizations and private sector donors so as to effectively fight the demand for forced slave labor and commercialized sex and to help abolish slavery in our lifetime.

* Recognizing that modern slavery is no longer a hidden tragedy, priority needs to given to educating the public, law enforcement, transportation and service industries, the media, and social service providers on how to help stop it.

* All human traffickers and their clients (those that buy others for sex / those that force others to work in slave conditions) need to know society does not accept this behavior and we are increasing our efforts to stop this madness.

​* To today’s victims, and tomorrow’s survivors, please know that we are here to help – call the national hotline at 888-3737-888 or email us at stopslavery2014@gmail.com or call us at +1.888.206.3264

IN CONCLUSION … this La Jolla Human Trafficking Accords document should be freely distributed and promoted throughout the world in order for all peoples to work together to finally end this travesty in our society.